Is it dangerous to clean ears with a Q-Tip?

23 May 2017

Are you one of those persons who uses a Q-Tip to clean your ears? If some people advise against using them, it's rare that they know the risks, or can provide alternatives to keep your ears clean.
To definitively answer all your questions, here are tips from a hearing care professional regarding the use of cotton swabs to clean ears. Is it dangerous? What are the risks associated with using the Q-Tip? How can a person otherwise clean his ears?

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The music and/or noise generation programs for patients with hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus

25 July 2016

Tinnitus is a common problem mentioned in our clinics. When this problem accompanies hearing loss, we can now recommend a solution to the hearing aid wearer in terms of both deafness and sound therapy for their tinnitus.

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02 February 2016

I've been working in this field for a long time and I can’t get over it. Why wait? Hearing loss leads to number of difficulties, including isolation, frustration, professional problems, exhaustion, friction in relationships, depression and cognitive changes. It is not trivial.

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