The music and/or noise generation programs for patients with hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus

Tinnitus is a common problem mentioned in our clinics. When this problem accompanies hearing loss, we can now recommend a solution to the hearing aid wearer in terms of both deafness and sound therapy for their tinnitus.

These programs are integrated directly into the hearing aid and allow the user to focus their attention on stimuli other than the tinnitus. The different sound generator programs send either a fractal type of music in the hearing aid or a white noise at a very low noise level, which will not disturb the understanding of surrounding sounds.

One solution commonly used for people suffering from tinnitus is also a sound generator. Based on this commonly used technique, several hearing aid companies have therefore incorporated in the hearing aid a generator of music or of a white/pink noise. Programs can also help relax the auditory system and the general state of the person wearing the hearing aid.

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Anne-Marie Parent, audioprosthetist

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July 25, 2016