Your first consultation is an opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with your audioprosthetist.

If you haven't yet received a diagnosis regarding your hearing loss, we'll talk with you to try to determine the cause, gather all of the necessary medical information and propose undergoing a hearing screening. If necessary, you will be directed to other hearing health specialists.

If you've already received a diagnosis, we'll explain the choices available to you and propose solutions that will best suit your needs and budget. 


Take advantage of the VosOreilles network in three easy steps

We’ll complete a detailed medical history, conduct an audiometric test to measure your hearing and immediately explain the results. If your results are normal, we'll send you a reminder for a follow-up exam at a later date.


If we find that you need a hearing aid, we will be happy to explain the range of hearing aids that are available to you. During this meeting, we'll also select your hearing aid and take your impressions. Everything will then be sent to a manufacturer to customize your device. A second appointment will then be scheduled so that you can pick up your device.


This is where our expertise and skills come out in force. This is a crucial step and we’ll be there to help you from the start. As the apparatus is being adjusted, we must analyze and adjust the technical settings of the hearing aid using ultra-specialized equipment. We must make sure that the hearing aid's volume is neither too loud nor too low, in every type of setting. At that moment, every detail is important and you'll see that our technical mastery of our hearing aids makes all the difference. Once the adjustments have been made, we’ll explain how to take care of your hearing aids and how to handle them. Then we’ll schedule an appointment in the weeks following to ensure that you are adapting normally to your sound environment. You can contact us at any time if you have questions or are experiencing difficulties. We're proud that we are known for staying in close contact with our patients.