Tinnitus consists of occasional, intermittent, or continuous sounds (buzzing, whistling, crackling) generated by your ears and not your environment. Often related to a disturbing auditory deficiency, it is nevertheless possible to reduce them or make them less audible. If you believe you suffer from tinnitus, meet with one of our audioprosthetists as soon as possible.


Besides being linked to an auditory deficiency, tinnitus can be caused by medication, earwax accumulation, musculoskeletal problems, regular exposure to noise or a toxic substance, a virus, an infection, high blood pressure, or the consumption of salt, caffeine or alcohol. Tinnitus may be temporary or permanent.  


While it most often manifests itself in the form or whistling or buzzing, tinnitus consists of other types of sounds such as the sound of an electrical transformer, knocking, clicks, waterfalls, a purring motor, a popular song or murmurs.  


Different approaches can be used to treat tinnitus. Once the evaluation has been completed, our audioprosthetist will recommend the approach that suits you best and suggest other ways to mitigate it.