Hearing aids require regular maintenance so that they can work properly. Below you will find a list of maintenance products, as well as a few useful tips to extend the life of your hearing aids.


Antiseptic vapourizer

Antiseptic vapourizers can be used to disinfect your hearing devices. Ideally, they should not contain alcohol as it can damage the plastic components of your hearing devices.



Dehumidifying container

Since your hearing aids come into direct contact with your skin, they are exposed to humidity and may suffer from the adverse effects of premature corrosion. For this reason, we recommend storing your hearing aids in a dehumidifying container at night.

These containers come with a dessication capsule that can be reactivated if necessary by heating them in a microwave oven. For best results, you must nevertheless replace the capsule periodically.


Electronic drying station

When the dehumidifying container is no longer enough, you may want to consider an electronic drying and sanitization station. They come in several different types. Some models work through the cyclical exposure to ultraviolet rays to dry and sanitize the hearing aid.

This is the preferred solution for people who transpire a lot or who have a more acidic or oily skin type than average.


Blower bulb

If humidity infiltrates the tube of an “behind-the-ear” hearing aid model, it can create condensation and block the passage of sound. We recommend using a blower bulb to blow dry air into the tube.


Useful tips:

  • Always clean your hearing aid with a soft and dry cloth. Never use water or alcohol.
  • Only use maintenance products that have been provided to you or recommended by your audioprosthetist.
  • Clean and dry your hearing aids before you go to sleep and not in the morning. This way, wax that has accumulated on the surface can be easily removed.
  • Turn your hearing aid off and remove the battery if you decide not to use it for a long period of time. Then dry your device and store the battery in a cool and dry place.
  • Never wear your hearing aid in the shower.
  • Avoid using a hair dryer or fixative (hairspray) when wearing your hearing aid. Never expose your hearing aid to extreme heat or high humidity.
  • Remove your hearing aid from your ear during ultrasound physiotherapy.