Members of our network created this service in order to monitor and follow the evolution of your hearing. You heard right: OTO concerns your ears...


Our program provides fast assistance to find out if you suffer from hearing loss. More specifically, this includes a hearing impairment test. This test is offered in all of our clinics. Call us to book an appointment. It's fast and easy. 

Our OTO-Surveillance program is also offered to groups of factory workers and old age homes. We travel with our mobile unit to complete screening tests with groups of people who have requested the service. Please call us for more details and to find out when our mobile unit will be available. 

Lastly, if your family doctor recommends signing up for our OTO-Surveillance program, he or she will receive, with your consent, a summary of the results of your test and the steps that need to be taken. 


When the topic at hand is part of our program, you will find the following badge on our website: